Angrezi Medium Movie Review – A Powerpact Emotional Movie Of An Ambicious Girl

Angrezi Medium Review

Do not get confused that Angrezi Medium is the sequel of Hindi Medium. Both movies have no connection to each other other than Irrfan Khan. Homi Adajania, the director of the movie has succeeded in bringing a story of an emotional yet ambitious father who is always at the forefront to fulfill her dreams. This movie is a good comeback for Irrfan Khan. Read our Angrezi Medium Review and decide if you want to watch this movie or not.

Angrezi Medium Review

The movie is about Champak a man from Udaipur having a dream to fulfill her daughter, Tarika’s dream. Tarika is shown ambitious and knows what she wants, hence decides to graduate from the top institute.  Unknown to the fact of how expensive the college will be, Champak decides to let her daughter do what she wants.

The entire movie revolves around the struggle of the father to give her daughter what she wants. This is what makes the movie quite interesting to watch. Angrezi Medium is best for those who are looking for an emotional drama movie. In fact, this is one of such movies that every youth and parents to watch.

How did the Actors perform in Angrezi Medium?

Well, first of all, hats off to Irrfan Khan. It is not at all evident that the actor was going through some serious cancer treatment during the time of the movie. He proves that he is still one of the most flawless actors. It does have glims of Irrfan’s routine acting but suits well with the character.

Radhika Madan, playing Tarika’s character does justify and perfectly suits the character. She does look quite old as a student but ignoring that, there is no flaw in the acting. Another key character of this movie is played by Deepak Dobriyal, who is Irrfan’s brother.

What was missing the Angrezi Medium Movie?

It is really hard to believe in how a poor guy manages to get 1Cr in just a few months. Apart from being so unrealistic, there are few parts in the movies that do not make sense to be in. The movie could have finished in 1 hour 30 minutes, but the extra 30 minutes does look a bit stretched. I hope the director wanted the proper masala that people will enjoy in those extra minutes.

Angrezi Medium Movie Conclusion 

Coming to the final conclusion of the movie, this is a must-watch for youth. It does have some extra scenes, but that is covered with good hilarious dialogs. This can be a cult classic movie like Piku.

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