Deepika Padkone’s ‘Finding Fanny’ Movie Review & Rating

Finding Fanny Movie Review

Finding Fanny Movie Review: The story revolves around five characters and is set in a village called Pocolim in Goa where life is slow and simple. The journey begins after Ferdie finds out that the letter that he had written to Fanny (Anjali Patil) 46 years ago, professing his love to her never really got delivered to her. His best friend Angie wants him to find Fanny. And thus the journey begins which slowly unravels the plot and in the process, revealing the true personalities of the characters involved.

Finding Fanny Review

Their needs are minimal and they live what I would call a retired life. A young widow Angie (Deepika Padukone) decides to help the old postman of the village Fredie (Naseeruddin Shah) to find his long lost love. He is depressed because it’s now, after 46 years he finds out that the love letter he wrote to the woman he loved actually never reached her.

In this mission of Finding Fanny, Angie ropes in her mother-in-law Rosie (Dimple Kapadia) the self-appointed Lady of Pocolim who calls the shots and throws her weight around with the locals. Savio (Arjun Kapoor) who loved Angie many years ago is back in town, he will drive the car as he is the only one who can, the car which belongs to Don Pedro, an artist who’s interested in Rosalina. It actually is not the destination that matters here but it’s the journey of these five characters completely different from each other but with clean hearts. There is an undercurrent of humor in the film, in fact some scenes will leave you in splits.

Finding Fanny Movie Performance Review:

Padukone is luminous, a sly girl with a loose-slippered gait, a casual floppiness that nearly camouflages her look-at-me narcissism, and the heroine gets the body language astonishingly right. She is a very good narrator and — as evidenced by her eyes during the instances of vulnerability the script allows her — a captivating actress. Her Goan accent slips a bit (every time she says “yaar,” for instance, it is with a city twang) but that happens to the finest actresses. This is a role Padukone should be justly proud of. Not least because it balances the film.

For, on one hand, we have Dimple Kapadia and Arjun Kapoor, acting sparsely and naturalistically, letting tush and tattoo respectively do the exaggeratedly heavy lifting for them while they mostly just react.

Kapadia is excellent in her part, and Kapoor is a revelation, one who should seek out clever films that allow him to shine with his lackadaisical luster.

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