Guilty Review: A Strong Message Mellowed By an Over Complicated Script


Guilty Review: When Netflix aired the trailer for Guilty, it looked like another positive movie that would be a take on the unjust practices prevailing in the society. The evil herein being rape and subsequent public humiliation and torture that the victim undergoes. In some cases like Nanki Dutta, played by Kiara Advani, as revealed in the movie; made to suppress the memory of the heinous crime and made to live life like a ‘normal girl’. The suppression causes her to have ‘episodes’, with ‘home’ being the trigger word for her, as Dr. Roy (Kunal Vijaykar) reveals midway.

Guilty Story Review:  The Good, The Bad and The Avoidable

The movie starts off quite well portraying Nanki Dutta (Kiara) as a troubled but accomplished teen. She is the envy of the girls; the dream for the boys at St. Martins and has prince charming, Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh (Gurfateh Singh Pirzada) at her heels. One fateful night though changes it all as her beau is accused of rape by fellow college student Tanu Kumar (Akansha Ranjan Kapoor).

The story revolves around the search for truth, with friends questioned and families brought into the picture. Lawyer Danish Ali Baig (Taher Shabbir) tries his best to uncover each and every shard of truth from people. But, the more he digs, the deeper the case seems to go.

In the end, as we see Vijay and his family celebrate his ‘innocence’, Nanki comes to grips with reality and teams up with Danish to help Tanu get justice, which is delivered on the stage at Transcend. Nanki subsequently finds the courage to tell people the reason behind her ‘episodes’; that she was molested at the age of 13.

Coming to the Good part of Guilty Movie 

Coming to the good parts of the movie, it shows a different side of the #MeToo Movement, where some cases are chalked off due to the ‘open’ personality of the victim when the truth is often otherwise. The movie shows that women must find the courage to confront the abuser and be the one to show the truth to the world. It also presents a social dialogue on child abuse and how they are told to keep the rage of it within and carry on with their lives. The burden of abuse on a child is correctly presented within Nanki, who despite having the world at her feet, is somehow not able to be ‘real’ with herself. Kiara plays her character to perfection, sometimes overly so.

Taher Shabbir gives a calculated performance while the supporting players do their part well. However, there are touches of being overly dramatic in some frames which could have been avoided and in some cases, there’s just not enough oomph about it. The same could be chalked down to the inexperience of some of the actors.

The story is good but some developments seem over-complicated. What could’ve been a gripping trip for the viewers, just quite missed the point by not a large margin

Guilty Review Conclusion

Guilty is a strong storyline with a few extra ‘avoidable’ cuts with average performances from everyone except Kiara Advani, who is the star attraction of the movie. The music is good, which is something that can be said about everything associated with Ankur Tewari. Guilty has a strong message that is somehow mellowed by the overcomplicated script. Overall, I would say it is an above-average movie and one that sends out a strong message to people who still live with the horrors of the crime done to (on) them hidden from the world. Speak out!

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