Mardaani Movie Review – A Great Comeback By Rani Mukerji

Mardaani Movie Review

Mardaani Movie Review: Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) is a cop in the Mumbai Crime Branch, who lives with her husband and niece. A street urchin Pyaari, whom she had saved from the station, is now a part of her family and friend of her niece. All hell breaks loose when Pyaari goes missing. Initially, it seems like a case of kidnapping but Shivani soon realizes it is an organized racket functioning, dealing with trafficking of young girls and drugs.

The nexus is not in the police radar and functions rather discreetly. But Shivani is hell bent on getting Pyaari out and destroy the people behind it. Does she succeed in getting to Pyaari or the pimp king (Tahir Bhasin) gets the better out of her is what Mardaani holds for you.

The story gives you a lot of reasons to celebrate commercial cinema. Though I won’t agree that it is a well written intelligent film, but it is a film that devotes itself exclusively to a subject without falling prey to diversions. Stretching commercial cinema beyond the contours of Singham and Dabangg Pandey, Rani retains the realism of the story delivering the mesmeric action which has the look and feel of believability in it.

However, the loopy writing at many places kills the earnestness of the film. Sending cut limbs of the kidnapped person is something I was hoping the writers won’t resort to. Attacking a cop’s husband to put her in a weaker position is again a flawed way of putting things across. Since we don’t live in the 70s and 80s, there is a certain degree of progression expected from the writing which hasn’t grown much.

Mardaani Movie Performance

Rani Mukerji with no makeup, stern face maintains her strong demeanor. The actress is nondramatic on purpose and that did the trick for me. She is far from the pomp and show of masala cop films and that subtlety blows your mind. I am ecstatic that the lady has returned in a role that does justice to her caliber.

Tahir Bhasin is a revelation and quite interestingly lives up to Rani’s stature. The chase between him and Rani is built brilliantly mostly because of his conviction in rendering such brilliance to his character. His diction and twang both blend in well-drawing one’s attention even further

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