Spenser Confidential Review – Is it Worth Watching Mark Wahlberg Movie In Netflix?

Spenser Confidential Review - netflix


Spenser Confidential Review: Mark Wahlber who gave an eye-popping performance in 22 Mile which came back in 2018 is again ready to flaunt his action skills in Spenser Confidential. It is the latest movie addition to Netflix. Reportedly the film is an adaptation of Robert B. Parker’s novel series on which television series were made earlier also. In this Spenser Confidential Review, you will know if this movie is better than any other released so far. Spenser Confidential trailer gave more than sufficient hints that the movie is going to be an action pack movie. One might consider himself well versed in the story after watching the movie. The movie belongs to the action-thriller genre and has loads of comic elements in it to keep the audience intact. We believe that Spenser Confidential.

More about Spenser Confidential Plot & Story

The plot has got some crisp twists and turns. Spenser who has a track record of increasing the problem instead of solving them is the center of attraction. He is straight out of the prison and before his life could get back on track he finds himself in another mess. He decides to help his Coach and mentor and in his mission Hawk his mate helps him out.

Hawk is an emerging amateur fighter. After getting out of the prison Spenser was certain that he will get out of Boston. But Boston wasn’t ready to let go of him. When his two acquaintances are murdered, Spenser is left with no choice but to investigate their murder and try and bring down the culprits. In his investigation, he is backed by Hawk and his ex-girlfriend, Cissy with whom his relationship is not sweet at all. Peter Berg is the director of the movie and he seems to have some particular interest in Mark Wahlberg.

Spenser Confidential Review

The director Peter Berg and the actor Mark Wahlberg have done a good job in the Spenser Confidential. The action-comedy feels like the first installment of a franchise with a complete back story and introduction of sidekicks. The ending of the series seems more to come in the future. Spenser Confidential bears no similarities to the Ace Atkins novel. Here Spenser is a former cop who spent few years attacking corrupt superior. Well, he is a decent guy with good etiquettes, his robust health testifies for his fighting skills. It has displayed that he casually dispatch strong prisoners who attacked him

Spenser has dragged after the release because of incorporating dirty policemen. The gang members plan to build a casino on the ground. Spenser is paired with wannabe MMA Fighter Hawk, the partnership that’s built up is quarrelsome but it is also bizarrely easy. Hawk is a rising star Winston Duke who played an integral part in the Spenser series of books.

A snappier script could have been made more intriguing in a smarter way to utilize talented actors. The moves and action of Spenser Confidential is much entertaining and I hope you are satisfied with Spenser Confidential review.

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