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Watch Sairat Full Movie Online- Marathi Movies

Watch sairat full movie online

Watch Sairat Full Movie Online

You can watch this epic love story movie on the streaming platform given by us. Watch Sairat full movie online on the three streaming platform mentioned below. Sairat movie is available on YouTube buy or rent there and watch.
Secondly, you have an option to watch on Zee5 and the third option to watch Sairat movie is on Prime Video. Just click on the link below and enjoy Sairat movie.


Sairat is a romantic and drama movie which is directed by Nagraj Manjule. The movie is produced by the directed himself along with Nitin Keni and Nikhil Sane. Sairat full movie features Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar in the lead roles. It was the low budget movie which is made in Rs. 4 crores and in turn, it has made Rs. 110 crore. Sairat movie story revolves around the two young college students from different castes. Both fall in love with each other, the love between them has created a sparking conflict between their families. You can watch Sairat full movie here.

Sairat Movie Trailer

Sairat Movie Story

Sairat story revolves around the two lovers Parshya and Archie. Both of them falls in love with each other but the problem relies on the caste. Archie comes from the rich house and from the upper caste and Parshya comes from the poor house and low-caste.
After knowing that Archie has fallen in love with Parshya, Archie’s dad stops her to meet or spend time with him. But, they both manage to spend time together and enjoy like a couple. Situation alters when they elope and things get change for Archie.
Now, both elope from their village and settles down in a town where everyone for them is strangers. But Archie manages to live with him and eventually the consequences of the Sairat full movie is very harsh. To know you should definitely watch Sairat full movie online.

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