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Watch Thappad Full Movie HD, FHD

Thappad is Anubhav Sinha’s directed drama movie released on 28 February 2020. Taapsee Pannu leads the movie and is playing Amrita Sabharwal’s character. Amrita Sabharwal is a housewife married to Vikram (Pavail Gulati). This movie gives a social message that in the modern age “shaadi mein sab kuch chalta hain” is not right. Thappad gives courage to women in the Indian society to fight against injustice even it is just about a slap. We are quire definite that you are here to know where to watch Thappad Full movie?

There several legal platforms from where you can watch Thappad full movie in HD and FHD quality. But you must be aware of the legal platforms. Hence, we are here yo help you find the legal online platforms to watch Thappad movie online and TV.

Watch Thappad Full Movie

Not everyone has received the legal rights to stream Thappad Full Movie either online or TV. Only selected channels and web platforms have legal rights. Platforms that are providing Thappad Movie to Watch, then they are illegal. In fact, digital and TV rights are already distributed and here we will found out them.

Watch Thappad Full Movie On TV

Zee Cinema has satellite rights. In fact, Thappad movie was premiered on Zee Cinema on 27 June 2020. If you have missed watching Thappad on TV, then check the other options mentioned here.

Watch Thappad Full Movie Online 

Similar to the Zee Cinema, digital rights are also shared. The digital rights to stream Thapad movie online in HD and FHD is shared with Amazon Prime Video. If you already have the subscription plan then you can watch Thappad Full movie online for free. In fact, online Amazon Prime Video has the legal right to stream Thappad movies.

Amazon Prime Video

Thappad Story

The story of the movie is about Amrita Sabharwal and Vikram. Both are married to each other and one day Vikrant keeps a small party at his place to celebrate his promotion. Both, Amrita and Vikram will be shifted to London as his new job location. During the party, he gets a call from the office to inform him that the promotion is passed to one of his juniors. Listing to this, Vikram gets mad at his senior and starts a heating argument with him. During this Amrita comes to calm him down, but aggressive Vikram slaps Amrita.

Amrita feels this as too disrespectful and plans to go to her mom’s house. Things get even complicate when Vikram sends her a legal document to return back home. Seeing this, Amrita plans to file a divorce. Looking at Amrita’s behavior everyone in the family starts telling her that things happen in marriage and life must go on. On the other hand, Amrita is quite stubborn and explains to her facility the divorce is more than just a slap. It’s more about self-respect.

But later, Amrita found that she is pregnant and at the same time Vikram and his lawyer place a dirty trick and blames her for having a mental illness so that he can take the sole custody of his child. At the same time, Amrita files a domestic violence case against Vikram. Later when things started getting complicated, Vikram and Amrita decide to mutual consent divorce. But during a Navajo ceremony, she reveals how she felt how no one came to her when such an incident happens not her mother or mother in law. Neither one made Vikram understood his wrong behavior.

Overall, Thappad is a worth watching movie giving an important message to not entertain any violence and stand to fight against it.

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